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Festina lente


2010-12-26 domain created by .
2011-01-02 first release.
2011-01-27 more pages and missing thumbnails added.
2011-01-31 high speed photos added.
2011-02-06 noise generator, mp3 (preliminary) added.
2011-04-04 mp3-quality, triboluminescence/triboluminescentie, pronounce added.
2011-10-24 rivieren-en-dreven added. Bugfix 2011-11-13.
2011-11-29 floating-sphere, zeepbel, springende-Klixon, superellispe added.
2011-12-14 e.o. added to downloads.
2012-04-02 updated, photo's by T.F.J. van Grunsven added to V15.html
2012-04-17 link to YouTube sodiumthiosulphate.mpg added.
2012-12-04 updated, hypertxt.exe for Visual Studio C++ 2008/2010 Express.
2013-04-16 updated.
2013-05-13 mp3-quality, FLAC added. gadolinium-motor.mp4 added. link to Samedan2011 added.
2014-03-27 Trinity/ added.
2014-06-24 download.html, download_files/ updated.
2014-06-24 Statcounter added to selected pages.

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